PRO-C: Casing thread protector

Metal - plastic composite protectors, manufactured by Universaltubi Protectors / Oiltech, are designed to combine strong steel durability with the high protection of our HDPE alloy.

They offer absolute protection guaranteed resistance against: corrosion, solvent and influence, impact, vibration, strip and over-torque to threaded ends, as established by last edition API 5 CT Specification and major users of OCTG pipes.

The high quality of HDPE combined with special additives, gives thermal stability from - 46°C to +66°C. It is chemically inert, does not cause corrosion, galling and can’t damage the threaded ends.

Dimensional range: 2 3/8“– 36 “(Ø 60, 3 – 914,4 mm).

Production applicable for entire API range and any premium connection requested by

Composite (metal-plastic) thread protectors are available in the following types:

  • Open End Driftable (OE & OED);
  • Closed nd iftable (CEL);
  • Closed nd on iftable (CENL);

All diameters in range and threads applied for protectors are designed to respect requirements of last edition API 5 CT Annex I Specification / ISO 11960 Standard.